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NepaLinux 3.0 (Educational) Released
Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP), Lalitpur, PatanDhoka, Nepal has released NepaLinux 3.0 (Educational) on July 6, 2008.

NepaLinux 3.0 (Educational) consists of several educational packages such as gcompris, offline nepali sabakos, offline english dictionay and a lot of educational suite. It consists of LTSP (Linux Terminal Server project) out of the box.

LTSP adds thin client support to the Linux servers. It is used to allow many terminals to simultaneously access the same computer. Applications run on the server with a terminal known as a thin client handling input and output.
NepaLinux 3.0 Released
Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP), Lalitpur, PatanDhoka, Nepal has released yet another version of NepaLinux, (NepaLinux 3.0) on May 25, 2008. NepaLinux is a localized Debian and Morphix based GNU/Linux Distribution in Nepali. It is a Free Open Source Software released under the GNU General Public License(GPL). MPP has been conducting development works of NepaLinux since the year 2004. It is being developed under the PAN Localization Project, which is a software localization initiative in some eleven countries of South and South East Asia. The project is supported by the International Development and Research Center (IDRC), Canada and administered through the Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Pakistan.

NepaLinux 3.0 like the previous NepaLinux 2.0 version, features two separate CDs with respectively GNOME and KDE Desktop environments and a combined DVD containing both of these. Some of the chief attractions of this version are the two new applications, respectively, the Nepali Text-to-Speech Application and Nepali Sabdakos. Among other useful packages included in this version are offline English dictionary and several other useful educational tools like Gcompris, TuxType, Nepali Spell Checker and KTouch typing tutor.

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